Decorated Pointe Shoes

Whether you are a professional or a student, we love to keep our dirty and used pointe shoes hung on our wall, on a shelf or in a box... They all have a different tale we don’t want to forget, but cherish forever.

I can create for you a unique design or try to match any costume worn during a performance, and transform your pointe shoes in a lovely keepsake.

Even if you are not a dancer, but just in love with ballet, I can decorate a new pair of pointe shoes for you. It’s also a perfect gift for any age, anytime...

Painted and covered with lace, nice fabric, delicate trim, ribbons, garment, flowers, rhinestones or jewels,... all pointe shoes are 100% hand decorated with love, creativity and harmony.

Of course, these shoes are for decorative purposes only.

I love pointe shoes as much as you do... Let’s share our passion...

“A unique design,

and a new life

for your old pointe shoes!”